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01/21/18 11:25 AM #2471    


Patrick Gilbert

After a search of both the Web site and our Senior yearbook (thanks Pam) it looks like the only Gal with the initials JS is Janet Shea. Unfortunately we lost Jan in 2008 to cancer.  I will let the man who found her class ring know. Is anyone in touch with her family. I would love to get this ring to some of her heirs. Please help out with this if you can...


Thanks Spartans... three of you responded and I am trying to contact Jan's heirs... will keep you posted. 

01/22/18 07:13 AM #2472    

Marcia Kelso (Wilkinson)

Lookin good, Roger.  I'm glad to hear that you're home.  Keep up your positive attitude, as you continue to get better and improve everyday.  How'd you get so lucky to get those two purdy cowgals - and both at the same time?  

01/24/18 03:01 PM #2473    

Marge Updegraff (Mendeljian)

Happy Birthday Barb Kolby!  Have a great day!

01/24/18 04:02 PM #2474    

Marge Updegraff (Mendeljian)



Another fun evening!


Nancy Wolff, Kim Wening, Jan Fought, Kathy Storm


Chris & Kathy Grevis and Jackie Hanna & husband Paul


Cathy Burcewicz, Chip Carstensen, Bill Carstensen, Karen Kowalski


Pam Galbraith & husband Ron and Chuck (Marge Updegraff's husband)


Nancy Wolff, Kim Wening, Jan Fought, Kathy Storm, Ed Kanarowski

01/24/18 04:06 PM #2475    

Marge Updegraff (Mendeljian)

Jeff & Kathy Willets



Marge Updegraff and husband Chuck

01/24/18 05:00 PM #2476    

Pam Galbraith (Hudson)


01/25/18 06:51 PM #2477    

Joseph Goodell

Roy C. Start basketball player charged with MURDER!!! Who would ever think 50 years later?

01/25/18 07:36 PM #2478    


Jeff Willets

You saw 2 stories, one from Start about a resource officer playing grab ass with a female student, and the other a Wait HS basketball player charged with murder

01/25/18 07:48 PM #2479    


Patrick Gilbert

Great Pictures Marge... Thank you! Adding in who the people are is great... nice to know who those old folks is ;)

01/26/18 03:58 PM #2480    


Barbara Bobbi Kolby

Thank you Pam and Marge for the birthday wises.  Much appreciated.  Hope you both are doing well and that this year is a super one for you. 

01/26/18 05:39 PM #2481    


Dale Benington

Joe, I read a follow-up article in the Blade today regarding the high school basketball player that has been charged with murder, and Jeff is correct, according to the Blade the player is NOT from Start HS, but rather, he is a Waite HS basketball player. But regardless of whether we are talking about Waite players or Start players, it is sad indeed that Toledo is currently experiencing such extreme and extensive juvenile violence and crime.


01/27/18 12:35 PM #2482    


Susan Ehrhardt (Hancock)

So much has been posted since I last got on.  Roger, I am so happy to see you are back home.  continued prayers for your total recovery from all of your vascular problems.

The Fandango pictures were great!  Nice to see some more new faces joining in!  I hope I will be able to travel back for one in the near future.

The reunion commitee sure seems to be hard at work.  Thank you all for such dedication!  I remember working on the comittee on previous reunions and it is hard work!

We leave tomorrow for the other side of the hold down the fort!


02/07/18 05:34 PM #2483    

Kim Wening (Maros)

Fellow Spartans, We need pictures from high school for the reunion.  If you have a few, please let me know.  If possible, mail them to me.  Thanks Kim

Kim Maros  3111 Morin Pt. St. Erie, Mi 48133.

02/12/18 11:14 AM #2484    

Marcia Kelso (Wilkinson)

Hey Kim - in going through one of my containers in storage, I ran across a Baccalaureate Services program, a Commencement Exercises program, and the Fifth Annual Senior Banquet program.  Would these be of any interest to you?  Sorry - no pictures.  Let me know.  Thanks, Marcia

02/14/18 02:41 PM #2485    

Pam Galbraith (Hudson)

Thank you everyone for the birthday I match our "68" graduation year!!!laugh


Everyone have a very HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!  heart

02/14/18 07:36 PM #2486    


Dale Benington

Pam, I am so jealous of you. I didn’t realize that “some” of us would be able to match their birthday years to the year that we graduated from high school. As soon as I read your posting and started doing the math, that little "light bulb” turned on over my head, as I made the connection, and thought, “How neat is that.” But then I started to wonder about me, and so I did the math, and then it hit me, I would still be “67” when the class of “68" celebrates our 50th anniversary. So now I am ever so jealous that you get to have that oh so neat connection, and I don’t (sigh).

Well, I do hope that everyone had a great Hallmark Holiday today … Oh, I mean, a great St. Valentine’s Day (hard to believe that all of what Valentine’s Day is today, was originally meant to honor a beheaded Christian martyr).
And a final thought to share, on Tuesday, February 27th, we will be having our February “Fundango.” Yesterday, Ed and I went to our proposed “Fundango” site, had lunch, and made all of the necessary arrangements. So mark it down on your calendars and hopefully, I will get to see you all then. 

02/14/18 08:01 PM #2487    


Nancy Wolff (Szymanski)

I will also be 67 at our reunion.  The baby of our class, Deb Pfann, will be 67 until the end of the year.  Bless you, Pam, for being older & wiser!  So Dale is our Fandango location a surprise?  Will you give us clues so we know where to go to find you?

02/14/18 08:41 PM #2488    


Dale Benington

Nancy, I confess, I was trying to add a new twist to our “Fundango” process, seeking to make things a bit more interesting (as opposed to the "same old, same old”). My original intention was to throw the hook out there and wait for a nibble or two, with the hope that I had gotten more people thinking about our “Fundango.” But maybe your idea is a better one, “clues.”

OK, first clue, think “Mexican” (that Ed, he is constantly wanting to go to these Mexican restaurants). 

02/15/18 05:55 PM #2489    


Nancy Wolff (Szymanski)

Gosh Dale - that narrows it down to about 50 or 60.  How about a clue on location?

02/15/18 06:16 PM #2490    

Kim Frisk (Jensen)

Hey, if Ed wants to have his own Fangango in Mexico, who are we to stop him?

02/15/18 06:33 PM #2491    


Dale Benington

Awwww thanks Nancy, right on cue (I was afraid that I was going to have to provide my own prompt).
And just to make it interesting, I’ll buy one of the Tuesday night specials ($6.95 I believe) for whoever is the first to guess the name and location of where our February “Fundango” is going to be.
So here is my clue. Imagine that back in our days at Start HS, our class had put on a class play (make it a musical) and we decided to do “Hello Dolly,” and we gave the leading male musical role to Joe Goodell. Then, after the play, we all could have gone out and had a dinner in the very same building where we are having of February "Fundango.” So what is the name and location of our next “Fundango” (and no Ed, you aren’t allowed to give away the answer).

02/16/18 07:57 AM #2492    

Joseph Goodell

Dale , I can't believe you remembered the musical I sang  in Hello Dolly but it was in New York . I also remember the other place San Marcos on BROADWAY ?

02/16/18 08:31 AM #2493    


Nancy Wolff (Szymanski)

Sorry I was a bit late on the prompt, Dale.  It sounds like we're going to Dolly & Joe's off Reynolds Rd.  I totally forgot that place is under new management & serving Mexican food.

02/16/18 10:38 AM #2494    


Janis Fought (Brown)

Nancy, you are too too sharp! Very creative clue and great answer! 

02/16/18 02:27 PM #2495    


Dale Benington

Well Joe, you are right about the name of the February "Fundango" restaurant, it is San Marcos, however, you are wrong about the location, it is NOT the one located on Broadway, by the High Level Bridge (we have already been there).
Nancy, you are right about the location of the February "Fundango," and correct about it being the old Dolly and Joe’s Restaurant, off of Reynolds Road (1045 S. Reynolds Rd. to be exact). However ..... technically .... 

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