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11/12/20 10:41 AM #3612    


Karen Narewski (Warlick)

Wonderful news Bill and Cathy ! Amen to the power of prayer !

11/12/20 04:37 PM #3613    

John Lowry

Thank you all foryour kind words. That is great news for BILL and CATHY. They will be in my prayers.

11/12/20 05:00 PM #3614    

Pat Martin (Lipps)

I'm so glad to hear the good news of your remission, Bill.  Cathy and Bill, you are still in my prayers.  Would love to see you in Key West again!

11/16/20 07:09 AM #3615    


Janis Fought (Brown)

Joe Hadjuk's mom passed away last week. I am so sorry, Joe.


11/17/20 07:42 AM #3616    


Dale Benington

Just a quick reminder, we are having our Roger Worley Memorial, “Fundango,” on Tuesday, November 17th (that’s today), at Luckie’s Barn & Grill (3311 Navarre Ave., Oregon, OH), starting at 4 pm.
This may be our last chance to have Fandangos until the new virus vaccines become readily available, so I hope that you all can make it.

11/25/20 12:31 PM #3617    


Janis Fought (Brown)


Dear Classmates,

I made a conscious choice not to attend the Fundango last Thursday, even though I miss everyone. With all the warnings about increased cases of COVID, I thought it best to avoid gatherings. Thank god I did. On Tuesday, this week (yesterday), I tested positive. Had I not listened to that little voice telling me to stay home, those of you who did go would have been exposed. At that point, I had no symptoms. Those came on Friday and Saturday with signs of a cold and sore throat. Monday I was pretty sure I was sick. Now it is aches and pains everywhere. Fortunately, no trouble breathing. I am telling you all of this because you need to pay attention to even the smallest changes in your health. We are at that age, after all.

I wear my mask always, social distance and I never had a fever--emphasis on that last part. Just because you have no fever, does not mean you may not have a case. So many places will take your temp before you enter as some sort of clearance test to enter. If you have symptoms, fever or not, get tested so you can stay away from others and take care of yourself.

My doctor sent a referral for a test to UTMC. I called for an appointment Monday afternoon. They will ask you about your symptoms. Don't downplay how bad you feel. I was tested at 7:40 am on Tuesday with a throat swab (not up my nose) and got a call from my doctor at 5:30 that night. It took less than 5 minutes in the test line at UTMC. I feel fortunate so far that my symptoms are relatively mild, at least so far. Please take care and don't take any chances.




11/25/20 03:18 PM #3618    

Pam Galbraith (Hudson)

First off, just want all of you to try to stay healthy and that you all will be ever so careful.  I know being careful, wearing a mask, staying 6 or more apart and no gathering in even a tiny group is hard, but this virus is nasty and even nastier to some. I care about each and every one of you so PLEASE PLEASE be vigilant!!!!!!!!

Despite this year being difficult, my prayer is that we will all get through this in true Spartan Spirit and will look forward to getting together again in 2021!!!!!

Whatever your day looks like tomorrow,be thankful for the blessings we have been given.  HAPPY HEALTHY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!heartPam


Jan, keeping you in my prayers for a speedy recovery!!!!!!!!!!

11/25/20 06:47 PM #3619    


Nancy Wolff (Szymanski)

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!  I cancelled my family Thanksgiving even though there would be only 10 of us.  We have risk factors in the family.  I would rather be safe now & celebrate later.  I've lined up a nice dinner for me & have some DVD's ready to go.

I miss all of you & pray that everyone will stay safe.  If we mind our p's & q's now we can party in 2021.  

Jan thank you for sharing & I pray you don't get any worse.  Please keep us posted. This virus is no joke as Jan indicates.  Masks DO help.  You never know who carries the virus - you don't know if you carry it to other people. 

I love all of you Spartans & want to see everyone in 2021.  PLEASE BE SAFE!!


11/26/20 10:21 AM #3620    

Pat Martin (Lipps)

Jan, I am so glad that your symptoms are relatively mild.  And, thank goodness you listened to your inner voice.  We have been very cautious since our county has a high percentage of positive cases.  Quite a number of my friends have stories like yours.  So, we are also having Thanksgiving by ourselves this year.  Thanks goodness for Zoom that we can share a little family time together.  I hope you all stay healthy and look for the "thanks" this holiday.

11/26/20 10:35 AM #3621    

Marcia Kelso (Wilkinson)

Jan, I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but happy to hear that you got tested  and are recovering.  If everyone would follow what the doctors are saying, we can beat this deadly virus.  It is full swing now and with the holiday the cases will probably be on the rise.  Please stay in and when you do go out wear your mask.  I even have plastic gloves that I wear shopping.

On a brighter note, I hope everyone has a very nice Thanksgiving - even though it will be different and less social.  Please take good care of yourselves.  I'd like to see you all in 2021 too.  And Jan, you are in my prayers.



11/26/20 01:49 PM #3622    


Diane Paren (Marchand)

I am normally in town for Thanksgiving, but cancelled my trip and decided to stay in Tucson. Jan, I'm sorry to hear that you got the virus. Hope you recover completely.  It's so scary to think that even if you're careful it can still find you.  

Just did a Zoom with my family and am so thankful we are all healthy though apart. I hope all of you are able to be with loved ones and enjoy the day in whatever way you can. 
hoping for a better 2021! 🦃🍁



11/26/20 04:46 PM #3623    


Patrick Gilbert

Happy Thanksgiving Spartans! Jan you are in our prayers. Stay safe and stay well everyone!

11/27/20 04:49 PM #3624    


Walter "Chip" Carstensen

So sorry to hear of your illness Jan.  Sounds like a mild case, but that's no consolation.  Our neighbors all had it for about 10 days. Felt lots of fatigue and sore throat but now are out and about with no adverse consequences. Funny thing is that the doctor recommended o medicines, just rest and Tylenol for achiness.

11/28/20 12:18 PM #3625    

Debra Lehmann (Miller)

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Happy holidays to everyone.

11/29/20 04:57 PM #3626    


Patrick Gilbert

From Steve Harpold:

Deceased Classmate: William Mathison
Date Of Birth: 10-10-1950
Date Deceased: 11-20-2020
Age at Death: 70
Cause of Death: Unknown
Classmate City: Springfield
Classmate State: MO
Classmate Country: USA
Was a Veteran: No
Survived By: Julie Mathison

Bill was my best friend for 55 years. He had been in a nursing facility here for 6 years and fought the good fight to stay alive.

11/29/20 06:51 PM #3627    


Nancy Wolff (Szymanski)

Sorry to hear about the loss of Bill - very kind person.  May he rest in peace & may his family find comfort.

11/29/20 08:31 PM #3628    


Kim Frisk (Jensen)

I remember that Bill had a quick,dry sense of humour. He also had a confident aura about him that many of us wished we had.

11/29/20 09:36 PM #3629    

Rick Boyd

Take care of yourself Jan. Sorry to hear about Bill Mathison he was ,flat out,a funny guy. 

11/30/20 06:57 AM #3630    


Janis Fought (Brown)

Happy Birthday, Kim Wening Maros!!

11/30/20 07:14 AM #3631    


Walter "Chip" Carstensen

Sorry to hear of Bill's passing.  He was a real wit and could get me laughing in class from his antics and his comments.  Steve Harpold, I am sorry for your loss of a lifelong friend.  Bill and I were in several classes at UT together back in the day.  Would hang out at the Student Union periodically and just talk about the craziness of the times. 1968 &2020 have a lot in common.  The more things change, the more they stay the same!

11/30/20 07:56 AM #3632    


John Lipski

I spent a lot of time with Bill from elementary school through high school. Plenty of good memories. Rest in peace Bill.

12/01/20 01:55 PM #3633    

Kim Wening (Maros)

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Joe and I hope everyone stays safe and behaves.   Miss you. 

12/01/20 07:11 PM #3634    


Jeff Willets

Jan,  thank God you are only having a mild covid, hang in there, and get healthy soon.

12/02/20 12:12 AM #3635    

Francis Bialecki

 Marcia Kelso(Wilkinson) is having a special day! So let us all wish her a "Happy Birthday" on Dec 4th.....


12/03/20 07:47 AM #3636    

Pam Galbraith (Hudson)

I didn't know Bill Mathison all that well in school,but do have a memory of him. We were in Mr. Apgar's world history?.  Linda Gray and I were teamed up to do a report that was to be presented in class. Working on the report, we decided to bake a cupcake recipe that was from the country we were reporting on. Linda came over to my house after school and we baked the cupcakes.  That evening Greg Holewinski and I think, it was Kurt Ehrhardt, came over to the house.  My mom had a bowl of artificial fruit sitting on the table where the cupcakes were. "The boys" put an artificial grape in one of the cupcakes....course I didn't know it.

The next day Linda and I gave the report and ended the thing with passing out the cupcakes to the class. Bill bit into his and discovered his had the artificial grape. Mr. Apgar and the entire class laughed and so did Bill. He was a good sport about it all!!!!  Sorry to learn that he had health problems and has now passed away. Good guy and with a fun sense of humor.

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