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08/07/18 10:18 AM #2734    


Janis Fought (Brown)

Marc, I sent you a private message regarding your payments. We are not able to charge people because we do not see credit card information. If you and Chris are attending, then your payments are up to date and you have not over-paid or been charged twice.

08/08/18 12:29 PM #2735    


Janis Fought (Brown)

Reminder thast the Reunion Committee is meeting today at 4 PM at the West Toledo Library. Anyone interested in helping is welcome to attend.

08/09/18 06:25 AM #2736    


Janis Fought (Brown)


08/10/18 08:46 AM #2737    


Janis Fought (Brown)

As promised, below are the folks who have submitted RSVPs for the reunion. If you don't see a name you expected to see, contact them and encourage them to register by September 4th. If your name should be on the list and isn't, please let me know ASAP. (Only the alum is listed, not the non-alum spouse or guest.)


Alum Last Name Alum Maiden Name Alum First Name
Bachman   Elizabeth
Bennington   Dale
Bialecki   Francis
Boyd   Richard
Braker Jablon Kathy
Brown Fought Jan
Bruns Case Karen
Carl Menard Nancy
Carstensen   Chip
Carstensen Burcewicz Cathy
Carstensen   Bill
Cherry Clinton Susan
Cooper Brown Harriet
DuGai   Dave
Dunmead   Dave
Ferris Kowalski Karen
Fischer   Frank
Fretz   Arnold
Garcia Raczkowski Becky
Gilbert   Patrick
Goodell   Joe
Goodlock Felsted Barb
Grevis   Chris
Hajduk   Joe
Hall   Marc
Hancock Ehrhardt Susan
Hasemeyer Senn Karen
Hasemeyer   Paul
Hassen Crahan Kathleen
Heffner   Bonnie
High   Bill
Holowinski   Greg
Hudson Galbraith Pam
Jensen Frisk Kim
Johnson Miller Cheryl
Johnson   Kenneth
Johnson   Jerry
Jordan   Robert
Kanarowski   Edward
Koinis   George
Krieger   Gary
Link Hanna Jackie
Lipps Martin Pat
Marchand Paren Diane
Marinone Lynch Joelene
Maros Wening Kim
McMahon   Gary
Mendeljian Updefraff Marge
Miller Lehmann Debbie
Mitchell   London
Mitchell Edwards Deborah
Mollenkamp   Mary Ann
Pfann   Debbie
Phipps Trippe JoAnn
Reichow   Harry
Schings   Gerald
Schings Ditch Deborah
Schoonmaker   Randy
Schroeder Marquis Marsha
Senerious Finnegan Gwen
Silverman Pagan Patti
Szymanski Wolff Nancy
Thaxton   Jerry
Warlick Narewski Karen
Warren Kamper Lynn
Wendel Lalkey Nancy
Wenninger Storm Kathy
White Fotoples Lauri
Wiktor   Neil
Wilkinson Kelso Marcia
Willets   Jeff
Willson Hamilton Jeanne
Worley   Roger
Wright   Tom
Wright Glick Barb
Zaenger   Kathy
Ziemke   Phil
Ziemke Heinl Linda


08/11/18 03:13 PM #2738    


Patrick Gilbert

We have recieved unconfirmed reports that three of our classmate's have passed away they are: Russell Wright, Gary Krauss  & Judy Green Stibe . If you have any information on these classmates please let us know. We can't  add anyone on to our memorial page without confirmation. Thank you : )

08/11/18 10:17 PM #2739    


Patrick Gilbert

I got an email from our Spartan Mike Bones Bocknavitch On the story of Bono vs Bones in his own words!

When I went to Bowling Green Coach 
Nehlen put Bones on my Helmet. And it stuck
From BG to Cleveland to Xerox Then to
Cincinnati and IBM so 49 Yrs later and I can’t shake
The Bones nickname For corporate functions
My name tag just said Bones funny how it traveled
With me to Cleveland WVA Cincinnati to ARIZONA and BACK
TO Cincinnati"

and there is your answer!

08/12/18 10:20 AM #2740    

Joseph Goodell

Bones vs Bono , it sound like to me the BG coach didn't know how to spell or couldn't hear very good but so he placed  Bones  by mistake on his helmet . I can understand how it stuck for 49 yrs and it's all because a coach couldn't hear very good  or spell. It's been BONO all through grade school and high school . Hey coach just spell his last name It's BOchNO vich  . Yours truly Joe GO odell  , the Mayor   lol

08/12/18 11:07 AM #2741    


Gary McMahon

No luck finding Russell Wright, Gary Krauss  & Judy Green Stibe. I searched the Toledo Library Obituary Index, Unless they died oiut of state and obit was not copied to Toledo...

08/12/18 02:13 PM #2742    

Frank Bialecki

I have also searched different obituary sites for Gary, Russel, and Judy and haven't had any luck finding anything about them in any obituary sites I have searched. Hopefully somebody who knows them will read the forum and let us know any details about them.

08/12/18 07:18 PM #2743    


Patrick Gilbert


Our class golf scramble @ Stone Oak Country Club on Friday, October 5 th (10am tee off ) HOSTED BY CLASSMATE MARC HALL will be at the unbelievably low cost of $50.00 which includes your cart fee!  Marc is also hosting LUNCH AFTERWARDS! ! Now that's the Spartan Spirit I was hoping to see more of!!!! Let's jump on board Spartans and get signed up for as many scheduled events as you can.... SEE POST 2715..Most of us haven't seen or spoken to one another in Fifty long years... SO let's Enjoy Toledo, each other & have a blast TOGETHER!! RSVP today at.....


08/15/18 06:43 AM #2744    

Rick Boyd

Talked to Tim Wall and said he was coming,told him about the deadline so we’ll see

08/16/18 07:57 AM #2745    


Janis Fought (Brown)

Looking for something to do Friday, October 5, after the Welcome Reception? The Hollywood Casino will feature an Elton John Tribute Band "Remember When Rock Was Young?" at 8 PM. Go to

08/16/18 11:44 AM #2746    


Patrick Gilbert

Thanks Jan! And let's not forget the Kareoke Night Roger has planned at Barbies Place. 10 pm...the same night...bring your best song...

08/16/18 02:28 PM #2747    

Chris Grevis

Is there goig to be a Fundango this Month, I have not seen a post on that subject.

08/16/18 09:49 PM #2748    


Susan Ehrhardt (Hancock)

If anybody has an ancestry .com account, you can search for these people using their name, birth year and city.  SOMETHING should pop and help you find out what has happened to them or where they are.  I let my membership lapse.


08/17/18 03:56 AM #2749    


Patrick Gilbert

Great idea Sue. If anyone has this membership please check for our MIA's which, by the way, are only a fraction of what they were a few years ago when Nancy Szymanski took on the job of searching for classmate address. Down from aproximately 120 to only 38 missing classmates now.  Thanks Nan for all your hard work. 

And the tough task of searching out obituaries by Gary McMahon and Frank Bialecki.  You guys rock. Thanks for your efforts in this area

"The trouble with Start is to stop "!!!

08/17/18 08:37 AM #2750    

Joseph Goodell

All High school class reunions , Cenntenial Terrence Sylvania, Ohio Sat. Aug. 18 630 pm till midnight $ 10 at gate . Bands start at 730

08/17/18 10:37 AM #2751    


Janis Fought (Brown)

Hi Classmates!  I have heard a few rumors that some folks are not planning to RSVP for the reunion in case something else comes up. They plan to "just show up." Please RSVP, regardless of the number of events you are attending.

We must provide the hotel with numbers for the Friday and Saturday events. The committee is arranging food, souvenirs, name tags and a dozen other things. Showing up without an RSVP is unfair to the hard working committees, embarrasing to you, and downright rude to those that did RSVP. We want you there and we want to know you are coming. If you have any questions, we have lots of answers so don't hesitate to ask.  Go online, call, email, text or whatever is available and let us know you will be at the reunion weekend events! 

08/17/18 11:09 AM #2752    

Manuel Chambers

I totally agree with Janis. The committees and people on them deserve all our respect for their tireless work. Showing up uninvited is rude anywhere. Again thanks to everyone involved for your time and effort. 

08/17/18 02:04 PM #2753    


Patrick Gilbert



The reunion is only 6 weeks away gang... Let's get together and really put some effort into a final Push to get our classmates the info needed to attend! It will be a weekend to remember!

Dear Classmates this is our MIA List Please take another look and see if you know someone who might know how to contact these lost Classmates. We want to insure that we invite every Spartan to our 50th Reunion. Contact Nancy at if you have any information..Thanks !

David Barger 
Carolyn Bennett 
David Clark 
Cheryl Colquhoun 
Linda Cousino (Stellis) 
Michelle Cox (Ritz) 
Rae Lee Donovan 
Michelle Dorr (Drayton) 
Gregory Drewyor 
Jane Garufos 
Robert Gibson 
Judy Green (Stibe) 
Gloria Greenburg 
Audrene Hall 
Patricia Hennessey (Burcket) 
Gary Ickes 
John Johnson 
Martin Jones 
Judy Jozwiak (Keller) 
Jeffery Junk 
David Klement 
Gary Krauss 
Jacqueline Laney 
Barb Levison 
Carrie Lutz (Greenburg) 
James Martin 
John Munger 
William O'Conner 
David Orner 
Douglas Poole 
Richard Ray 
Rita Schiel (Mierczkowski) 
Nancy Topp 
Susan Walker (Artopoeus) 
Susan Weir 
Sandra Wisniewski (Pheils) 
Russell Wright 


07/29/18 06:00 PM #2715     EDIT     DELETE

Change Photo

Patrick Gilbert

I would Like to Thank the Comittee on the great work done to make this 50th Reunion happen! Those people are Jan Fought Brown, Kim Wening Marcos, Dale Bennington, Ed Kanerowski, and of course our Class President Chip Carstensen! A special Thanks to Nancy Wolf Szymanski for searching, collecting and organizing of  all our classmate contact information and to the many other Classmates who have helped enormously!

We used the Reunion web page to book our hotel Reservation @ the Renaissance for Friday and Saturday nights. As well as RSVPING for all Reunion events. Thanks for setting that up Lon & Jan. It made things ez for us out-of-towners.

We are going to check into the Best Western on Kit road around  October 1st & again on Sunday the 7th.  We stayed there last year and the newly renovated rooms were a deal at $99.00... They have a very nice indoor pool and Jacuzz with an area off the back that we can BBq and they have have offered a hospitality room if we book enough rooms so please let me know directly and we might even get a better deal than the $99.00 rate quoted on the reunion web page. The freeway is right there by the holel & it was a breeze to get to any where in town that you may need to go. Also there is a grocery store and several decent restaurants with in a block of the hotel... And the class golf outing, Hosted by Marc Hall, planned for Friday morning is right down the road!

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018 (Periphery event)

The First periphery event is set SYLVANIA COUNTRY CLUB! mark your calendars for October 3rd, 2018 @10:30am... I heve two foursomes booked! $84.00 per person, Includes your cart. We can get more times if there is enough interest.

 We will meet at Rudy's Hot Dog on Sylvania and Lewis for lunch after Golf & some great memories of Hot Dogs past.

Later that evening we are going to meet at Inky's (per Marges request) for dinner around 7 pm. (This is a change from the original schedule as there is no Kareoke on Wednesday


Thursday, October 4th, 2018  (periphery event)

Linda Gray Huddleston has graciously offered to take us sailing on out on Lake Erie (weather permitting). Their boat is located at North Cape Yact Club and she has enlisted some friends to volunteer their boats if the interest is there. There is a snack shop at the club for lunch or we could do a pot luck thing. Still in the planning stage...(Details to follow!)


Thursday, October 4, 2018
50th Reunion Fundango
The Original Tony Packos  (East Toledo at 1902 Front Street)
6:00 PM-9:00 PM

Call it throwback Thursday!  Let’s meet at Packos!

This is a very special edition of the monthly event held in the Toledo area for local Class of 68 alums. Ed Kanarowski and Dale Benington scout out local establishments and make arrangement for class members to congregate. For this special Fundango, hors d’oeuvres will be complimentary.

This event is covered by the $75 weekend fee. RSVP required.


Friday, October 5, 2018
50th Reunion Golf 
Stone Oak Country Club
10:00 AM
Details TBD

Ladies and Gentlemen! Get moving early Friday morning for a round of golf. You don’t need to have a good game to take part in the fun! Stone Oak is gorgeous and should be even more so this time of year.

Classmate Marc Hall is your host for this event and IS EVEN HOSTING LUNCH!!! Cost is $50. Which includes your cart!

The golf outing will be limited to 32 players. If you are interested, RSVP on the Reservation form and contact Chip Carstensen at 419-392-1687 or


Friday, October 5, 2018
50th Reunion, Tour of Start High School
Meet at 12:30 for transportation
Tour starts at 1:00 PM

Have you seen the “new” Start High School? No more long noisy hallways (remember the track team using the 1/8 mile for practice?). The gym and auditorium are still there. The building is nothing like the old one and SHS has a stadium! Thanks to an anonymous donor, transportation will be provided from a central location or you can meet us there!

This excursion requires an RSVP.


Friday, October 5, 2018
50th Reunion, Welcome Reception
Renaissance Hotel
12th Floor
5:00 PM-

See Toledo from a unique perspective and enjoy getting re-acquainted with classmates you haven’t see for 50 years. Hors d’oeuvres provided for this casual get-together. A cash bar will be available.

Dinner Friday is on your own. The hotel offers an excellent restaurant off the lobby. Eat on the 12th floor in The Heights, adjacent to the Welcome Reception.

Patronize Toledo establishments. A list of downtown restaurants and bars is available on this site. You will receive a map of the “new downtown” including Uptown Toledo and the Warehouse District. See the Toledo Zoo Lanterns and attend the Zoo Brew Fest, 7-11PM (must be 21 to attend, ticket required).

The Welcome Reception is covered by the $75 weekend fee and requires an RSVP


October 5th, 2018, 10 pm (Periphery Event)

Later that evening Roger Worley has invited us all to Kareoke Night at Barbies Place on the corner of Laskey and Bennet. The fun starts @ 10 pm so bring your best voice and sing us a song! Barbies does NOT serve food.


Saturday, October 6, 2018
50th Reunion, Daytime
Open for local activities

Spend Saturday seeing local sites like the Toledo Zoo, the Toledo Museum of Art and the Glass Pavilion, The Museum of the Great Lakes (across the river from the hotel).  The Toledo Metro Parks offers nature in the city at the Middlegrounds Metro Park (across the river from the hotel), Howard Marsh Metro Park, Toledo Botanical Garden or any of the other 14 Metro Parks in the Toledo area. Have lunch at Tony Packo’s in the Warehouse District (walking distance) or just across the river in East Toledo or any of the other bars, restaurants and other eat spots around town.

Use the Hospitality Room to meet up or look for old friends for excursions. The TV will be on for college football games!


Saturday October 6, 2018 (Periphery Event)

Tour the Toledo Art Museum meet at 10 am. Admission is free to the Libbey glass exibition and the Autobon picture exibition. Senior rates for the dry flower exibition (regular $10).  Just meet on the front steps or go on your own. Hrs 10 am - 5 pm.


Saturday, October 6, 2018
50th Reunion, Homecoming Dance
Renaissance Hotel Ballroom
6:00 PM Reception
7:00 PM Dinner

Join your classmates in the beautiful ballroom of the Renaissance Toledo for a celebration of all that is the Class of 68.  Hors d’oeuvres and a buffet, along with open seating will allow you to mix with many of your old friends. A  DJ will play some great “oldies” and a “photo booth” are included.  A cash bar will be available.

This event is covered by the $75 weekend fee. You must RSVP.


Sunday, October 7, 2018 
50th Reunion, Farewell Picnic
Oleander Park
1:00 PM

Say so long to your old and new friends by enjoying Sylvania’s finest park. Hot dogs and hamburgers provided. Locals will bring pot luck. Sign-ups for dishes with Joe Goodell,

This event is covered by the $75 weekend fee. Please RSVP.


Monday, October 8th, 2018  (Periphery Event)

An informal Golf outting at Ottawa Park Golf course for 10 am Monday October 8th. Many of us learned to play there and it should be fun to see how the old gal has fared over the years. I know it has been there for many, many years as my Father caddied there as a kid!

Later that evening, Joe Goodell has arranged a Pizza and Beer night at the old JoJo's Pizza on Monroe Street for Monday October 8th @ 6pm.


Tuesday, October 9th, 2018 (Periphery Event)

The Toledo Zoo has Senior rates at $16. Lucas County residents get a discount with local ID and is Free to all Vetrans with ID or proof of service. Parking is $8.  So mark your calendar for 10 am for some fun at the Monkey house! (Motorized scooters available for $25.) Meet at the front entrance 10 am.

It's Senior Night at the HOLLYWOOD CASINO, Buffett is only $9.99 and it's all you can eat. You will need a players card to get this rate and can obtain one at the Rewards Center in the casino. The buffett is open from 11 am to 9 pm. Lets meet there at 7 pm for all you can eat!


The Golfers are starting to speak up! below is a list of who is playing and when...If your name is NOT here and you want to play please let me know at . I will try and get more tee times. Guest golfers are welcome for the Ottowa Park outing.

Friday October 5th, Stone Oak Country Club 10 am

Start High Class of 68 Scramble Hosted By Marc Hall!

Chip tells me 27 classmates have signed up so far for this great Class event!

Wednesday, October 3rd 10 am Sylvania Country Club 


Pat Gilbert                                                                                       

Dave Dunmead                                                                                

Manuel Chambers                                                                           

Marc Hall                                                                                         

Joel Sanchez (Guest)   

Arnie Fretz                                                                   

J. P. Smith

Chuck Mendeljian

Monday, October 8th 10am Ottowa Park Golf Course   

Pat Gilbert 

Dave Dunmead

Jeff Willits

Chip Carstensen

Arnie Fretz

Bill Carstensen

Joel Sanchez (Guest)

Marc Hall

Manuel Chambers

We need to know if you are going to play in any or all of these golf outings as more Tee times will have to be made. Be there or be square SPARTANS!!!   

08/18/18 12:50 PM #2754    


Patrick Gilbert

Good news! We can stop looking for Gary Krauss, Frank & Gary...... He has reset his password last night. Ain't life grand! 

08/18/18 03:39 PM #2755    


Dale Benington

Yikes!! Time is flying and I haven’t posted the “Fundango" information yet. Such a sacker.

So here is what we (my idea, Ed did all of the leg work) have worked out. On Thursday, August 23rd, over at the Manhattan's Pub 'n Cheer, we have scheduled our August “Fundango,” from 5:30 until 9:00 (actually 6 to 9, but Ed made arrangements for all of you early arrivers).
After going through numerous venue options we decided to go with Manhattan’s because of all of the advantages that it offered. Manhattan’s is in one of downtown Toledo’s two open container areas, Manhattan’s has very nice outdoor patio seating, Manhattan’s recently received a great review from the Blade (Manhattan's proves a belly-filling delight - The Blade), and there is plenty of free parking. 
So be sure to make it to Manhattan's Pub N' Cheer 1516 Adams St, this coming Thursday, 5:30 until whenever.

08/19/18 12:16 AM #2756    

Frank Bialecki

Just to let everyone know that don't live in Toledo...but I'm sure a lot of Spartans went there and grew up around it....the Twin Oaks Bowling alley was totally destroyed by fire today...a total loss. The cause is unknown at this time but it could possibly be arson as there were threats earlier this year against the owners about their statements about Muslims. Their lives were threatened and also someone said they would burn the alley down.

08/19/18 01:49 PM #2757    


Mark Cramer

I am sorry to see that Twin Oaks Bowling Alley is a complete loss. I used to walk past it every day on my way to DeVeaux and Start. The grandparents of Phil Kurtz (SHS ’68) used to own it until (I believe) sometime in the ‘70s. Phil and I grew up across the street from each other, and his grandparents lived a few blocks away in a house adjacent to the bowling alley.

I saw the smoke from the fire while I was driving on Nantucket and turning onto Monroe St. My youngest son saw the fire while visiting friends in West Toledo.  

Let us remind ourselves that as of yet, no one knows if the fire was arson, and if it were arson no one knows the motive of the arsonist(s). The motives of arson are varied and include profit, extremism, vandalism and a host of others. I am certain that the TFD will conduct a rigorous and thorough investigation, and in time we’ll know more than we do now.  

08/19/18 02:28 PM #2758    


Janis Fought (Brown)

My nephew Arjay’s birthday dinnner in Thursday so I will miss this month. Remind everyone that deadline is September 4 for the reunion! Time to stop talking and make that reservation!

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