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05/26/19 03:01 PM #3122    


Patrick Gilbert

Have a great Memorial day Spartans. We are very Lucky in that our class lost no lives during the Viet Nam War. We do however have real hero classmates that were wounded in action and are Purple Heart Reciepients. Ken Johnson, Dave Hill and Al Evner there are probably more that I am unaware of and I want to thank you all for risking your lives for our freedom.

05/27/19 08:21 AM #3123    

Marcia Kelso (Wilkinson)

Thanks to all the soldiers who risked their lives for us to live in freedom.  This day is for you - so enjoy it.  We're all glad you're still with us, but for those who lost family - may you be comforted in the thoughts of how much we appreciate it and them for their service.  Happy Memorial Day everyone.  Count your blessings and have a wonderful day.  Don't forget to thank a soldier.

05/27/19 10:46 AM #3124    

Pam Galbraith (Hudson)

Thank you to all our service men and women and their families who have given their lives that we can enjoy the past and present times that we all have had together as the class of 1968.  We are VERY LUCKY!!!!  Thank you to all of you that have served and are continuing to serve to make the USA the best place to live on earth!!!!!

Blessings to you all,


05/27/19 11:06 AM #3125    


Mark Cramer

05/28/19 10:12 AM #3126    

Gary McMahon

05/29/19 10:37 AM #3127    

Linda Rex (Brucksieker)

Hi, Everyone,  The week before Memorial Day Bob and I went to New Orleans to the National World War 2 Museum and donated my parents' 993 letters written during the war.  It is an amazing museum and I want to recommend that, if you have anything up in your attic or basement related to World War 2 from your parents, donate it to the museum.  We scanned everything into a flash drive before donating so we still have a record of everything.  They have a wonderful archive system which will preserve what you donate and make it available for anyone wishing to research about the many aspects of WWII.  After our appointment with the archivist who accepted our donation, we toured the museum.  You could go back many times before you could see it all.  If your parents served, it will give you a greater understanding of them that you'd never expect.  We left so thankful that our dads had served their country and that they had survived.  Plus, on Memorial Day, we were much more aware of the many families mourning the loss of a parent from the war.  Check it out at   Linda Rex Brucksieker

05/29/19 06:18 PM #3128    

Marge Updegraff (Mendeljian)

I would like to thank my classmates for their messages, texts and calls I have received prior to my knee replacement surgery. Thank you for all your comforting words, thoughts and prayers. I have surgery first thing tomorrow morning and feel so blessed with your support. I will keep you updated. Thank you again.

05/30/19 06:13 PM #3129    

Marge Updegraff (Mendeljian)

Hi everyone. My knee replacement surgery went great! I'm feeling pretty good. Physical therapy in a.m. and will go home in afternoon. Thanks again for all your thoughts & prayers.
Enjoy the Fundango tonight. 😊

05/30/19 06:52 PM #3130    


Patrick Gilbert

So glad your surgery went well. These Drs got it down. You'll be dancing the night away before you know it!

Fundango pictures please gang...

05/31/19 09:00 AM #3131    

Dave Dunmead

Marge: glad to hear your surgery went well! Best wishes on a speedy rehab!

05/31/19 11:39 AM #3132    


Mark Cramer


I'm glad that all went well with your surgery, and the good news is that your knee will enventually be pain free. However, your experiences in the airport will be different. You'll have to notify the TSA agents so that you are put througn the scanner and not the metal detector. I have forfotten a couple of timed and set off the alarms.


06/10/19 03:40 PM #3133    

Becky Raczkowski (Garcia)

Happy Birthday Ray Ritchie. !!!  Not sure if you remember me. I used to hang with you and David Stram..Hope you have a great day ..🎉🎈🎉🎈🎁🎂😊

06/13/19 07:28 PM #3134    


Dale Benington

Last Friday I got together with several of my retired teacher friends at one of Toledo’s newest restaurants, BJ's Restaurants and Brewhouse and we all liked it. Talked to Ed about it, and he made the arrangements for us to go there on Tuesday, June 25th. 

There is a problem however, if you try to find this location on the satellite version of your Google Map, its not there. That’s because when I last tried, the 2018 Google edition Satellite Map had not been updated and only showed the northeast corner of the Franklin Park Mall, parking lot, where the 2019 edition of one of Toledo’s newest restaurants is now located (it opened April 1, 2019).
Also, because of the current construction on Monroe Street, I would suggest that you get to the Franklin Park Mall using Sylvania Ave., and then proceed to the northeast corner of the parking lot where the 

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse 

 is located. It’s address is 4905 Monroe Street, and it is situated right on the corner of Monroe Street and Royer Road. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
PS Here is a link to a recent news release: 

BJ's Restaurants Opens In Toledo, Ohio 



06/14/19 10:14 AM #3135    

Kim Wening (Maros)

Great choice Dale.  Joe and I ate there, it was a good experience.

06/14/19 02:26 PM #3136    


Dale Benington

Thanks Kim, and will the directions provided help everyone to get to this particular location with minimal travel frustration?

06/18/19 01:53 PM #3137    

Kim Wening (Maros)

Yes Dale, you did a great job explaining it.  See you and Pam there.  Love Kim 

06/24/19 07:42 PM #3138    

Pam Galbraith (Hudson)

We plan to be at the Fundango tomorrow night!!!

07/09/19 12:16 AM #3139    

Francis Bialecki

Just letting everyone know Mr Ralph Hower (retired counselor) passed away. He was 87. I didn't have him as my counselor but I'm sure others from our class did. His obituary was in Sunday's Paper.

07/09/19 11:03 AM #3140    

Gary McMahon



Ralph D. Hower
1932 - 2019
Ralph D. Hower Obituary

Ralph David Hower, age 87, passed away under the care of Hospice of Northwest Ohio on June 25, 2019. Ralph was born on February 20, 1932 to the late Margaret and Raymond Hower. He graduated from DeVilbiss High School in 1950. He attended the University of Tampa and received his Bachelor's degree and his Master's in Education from the University of Toledo. He honorably served in the U.S. Army. He was a teacher, counselor, and administrator in the Toledo Public Schools for 30 years. Ralph was known for his sincere friendliness and ability to remember the names of every person he met. He enjoyed golfing and bowling, sang in the choir at St. Catherine's Catholic Church, and was a Eucharistic minister and usher at OLPH.

07/09/19 11:07 AM #3141    


Mark Cramer

Ralph Hower was a fantastic guy, and I worked with him for many years. He was originally an English teacher, and then a counselor at Start where we all met him. Later he became a principal, but eventually found it difficult to justify playing the political game that one must play as a high school principal in TPS. He went back to the classroom and once again taught English, and he was passionate about that. We were both building reps for the TFT and would have some drinks together at the annual OFT convention. When I think of him, I will always see his red hair and warm smile. 

07/09/19 01:11 PM #3142    


Karen Narewski (Warlick)

I too remember Mr. Hower fondly. He was also my counselor at Start. May he RIH...

07/10/19 07:18 AM #3143    

Walter "Chip" Carstensen

We were very fortunate to have Mr. Hower as a teacher and counselor. He had a very wise mind and always carefully listened to you before he responded. You new his advice well because he explained his thinking and as a result you actually learned something.  He helped you think through things and it gave you confidence in your subsequent actions.  He was a gentleman and will be missed, but fondly remembered!

07/10/19 05:04 PM #3144    

Janet Kazmierski (Fiedler)

Mr. Hower was a special man.  He made you feel he cared and that he was willing to help. I was always grateful for his assistance in getting me an interview for an open TPS teacher position at DeVilbiss High School, where I taught for 3 years.  May his soul rest in peace.  Amen.

07/17/19 12:40 AM #3145    


Dale Benington

Greetings to one and all. I trust that everyone is enjoying their summer? Well, hopefully you will have the time for our July "Summer Fundango." Ed and I both think that we have picked something very special for everyone to enjoy.

We were thinking that a Summer Fundango, down on the river would be fun, so mark it down on your social calendar, for Tuesday, July 30th, 5:30 thru 8:30, down at Zia's.

So come on down to the East Side waterfront, over on “The Docks,” to Zia's, which is located at 20 Main St., Toledo. Should be a great time.

07/17/19 11:59 AM #3146    

Roger Worley

We have been to Zia"s before, my wife was just there with a group from our Church, she was disappointed with the food and said it was very exspencive,I myself couldn't care less that it's on the Muddy Maumee.

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