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05/03/18 11:00 PM #2557    


Dale Benington

OK, as advertised, our May “Fundango” will be on Tuesday, May 22nd, from 6 pm until whenever it is that we all get tired and go home, at the "Attic On Adams” (located just above Manos Greek Restaurant). The “Attic on Adams” is situated on the southwest corner of Adams & 17th streets (1701 Adams Street), in the original open container area of Toledo, with plenty of free parking just behind the building.

I checked the ratings and reviews and found that the "Attic On Adams” had 268 reviews and received a 4.5 star rating.
Its not quite like the Kalokerinos Tavern in Athens with the ethnic dancing and the breaking of plates on the dance floor, but they do sell ouzo, and I am expecting to hear the utterance of one or two shouts of “Opa” while we are there, so plan on being at our May “Fundango” as the "68" Start Spartans go Greek for a night.

05/04/18 06:44 AM #2558    


Dale Benington

Speaking of “Fundangoes,” I have an important date for you. On Thursday, October 4th, Ed has made arrangements for our 50th reunion “Fundango” to be held over at the “Original Tony Packo’s,” over on the east side, at 1902 Front Street, from 6 pm until 9 pm. 

So mark it down on your social calendar, and consider this as being part of our 50th Reunion package of events. And in the immortal words of my favorite math teacher, Mr. Eller, “Don’t get yourself behind the eight ball,” by missing out on biggest, and baddest, “Fundango” of them all.
Oh, and I almost forgot ..... "May the 4th be with you."

05/04/18 09:08 AM #2559    

Kim Wening (Maros)

Dale and Ed, my prayers have been answered!!  Retsina, Spinach pie, flaming cheese.  See you two there.

05/04/18 09:38 AM #2560    


Cheryl Miller (Johnson)

Manos & The Attic is a great venue.  So disappointed Jack & I won't be there.  Once, again, it falls on the 4th Tuesday. Bummer! Have fun!

05/04/18 09:43 AM #2561    


Janis Fought (Brown)

68 Spartans;

If you have gone to the reunion web site ( and did not get the correct Renaissance Hotel rate of $129 a night, please go back and try again. The link has been updated to reflect the Start rate--we have our own page. Rooms are NOT $199. Our rate is $129 (less that the Holiday Inn French Quarter). Here's the link:  

Sorry to miss the May Fundango--out of town--actually out of the country chasing the tortoises on The Galapagos Islands!

05/04/18 09:44 AM #2562    


Janis Fought (Brown)

That didn't post well. Let's try again. 

05/04/18 07:48 PM #2563    


Jeff Willets

I wanted to personally thank all of the members of the reunion committee for the hard work in their mission of creating an experience worthy of our 50th aniversary of graduating.


I know you all have read the schedule that was posted on this site, as I did, but I guess it took me receiving the "hard copy" in the mail, to actually fully comprehend the work that must have gone into making this event, so much more than "just" a diner and a dance.


It's plain to see that the goal of the committee was to provide a ONCE in a lifetime experience for this special reunion.  From the hospitality room for spur of the moment gatherings of old friends, to the Saturday night dinner and dance, to the Sunday picnic.  I don't believe any class has been treated to the offerings we are being afforded, and at such a resonable price to boot.  I'm also a member of the class of 67, and trust me, their 50th, was just a run of the mill event.


This  4 day extravaganza is really something to be proud of, it really does confirm that the Class of 68 was the BEST Class ever from Start H.S..  Words really escape me from describing how rewarding it is to know that YOUR committee really cares about their friends from so long ago, and that the goal was to make YOUR 50th, something for the ages.

05/05/18 08:50 AM #2564    

Kim Wening (Maros)

Jeff,  Thank you for recognizing the hard work of all the comittees.  This has been our vision to make this a major celebration.  Other than our monthly fandangos, this is probably the last large reunion.  We would love to see all of our fellow grads at this reunion.  We all have had our experiences  in life, good and bad, we aren't the same people.  So, don't be nervous about coming and seeing all these old faces.  Kim and Jan 


05/06/18 08:30 PM #2565    


Karen Narewski (Warlick)

Ditto to what Jeff said ! Although i wont be able to make all the events I'm sure they will all be stellar !

05/07/18 10:14 AM #2566    

Dave Dunmead

Pat: looking forward to you and La-Li visiting Florida! Sounds like Toledo needs to plan for the Gilbert tornado hitting the West End in early October!! Thanks to you as well as the reunion committee for all you have done for the reunion! Will be a great time!


05/07/18 10:35 AM #2567    


Janis Fought (Brown)

Reunion attendees will be able to touch base with Pat or leave contact info in the Hospitality Room during the reunion in case you want to get some groups together.

Start football schedule still doesn't have any info for October. Games are on Friday nights (with one scheduled for Thursday in September). We will keep an eye out for the rest of the schedule.

We will have at least one TV and remote (for flipping channels) on Saturday for your favorite teams' football games. There also are some great sports bars close by for a multi-tv experience. The Hollywood casino has several huge glass-wall TVs in its bar. 

By the way, the Renaissance has a nice fitness center. No pool but you will be way too busy for swimming!!

The reunion web site is working!  Easy to register and pay. 


05/09/18 11:15 AM #2568    


Janis Fought (Brown)

We learned of another classmate that has passed away:  William Kusz, November 2011. 

05/09/18 03:12 PM #2569    


Patrick Gilbert

William Kusz name has been added to our in memory page. Thank You Jan. This late addition to our site makes me wonder how many other classmates that appear on our MIA list that may have passed. This is an update of our MIA list as of today, (down from over 100 last year to only 39 now). Please take another look and see if there is anyone listed there that you might have a contact for that may know where they are at. A cousin, Brother, Sister good friend etc. It sure would be nice to have everyone that is still out there attend our 50th!


David Barger 
Carolyn Bennett 
Richard Burr 
David Clark 
Cheryl Colquhoun 
Linda Cousino (Stellis) 
Michelle Cox (Ritz) 
Michael Donovan 
Rae Lee Donovan 
Michelle Dorr (Drayton) 
Jane Garufos 
Robert Gibson 
Judy Green (Stibe) 
Gloria Greenburg 
Audrene Hall 
Patricia Hennessey (Burcket) 
Gary Ickes 
John Johnson 
Martin Jones 

Judy Jozwiak (Keller) 
Jeffery Junk 
David Klement 
Gary Krauss 
Jacqueline Laney 
Barb Levison 
Carrie Lutz (Greenburg) 
James Martin 
John Munger 
William O'Conner 
David Orner 
Douglas Poole 
Richard Ray 
Rita Schiel (Mierczkowski) 
Nancy Topp 
Susan Walker (Artopoeus) 
Susan Weir 
Sandra Wisniewski (Pheils) 
Russell Wright 
Michael Zielinski 


05/09/18 06:08 PM #2570    


Patrick Gilbert

Totally agree on the great work of all the comittee members and others that have done the footwork to make this happen! We used the Reunion web page to book our hotel Reservation @ the Renaissance for Friday and Saturday nights. Thanks for setting that up Lon & Jan. It made things ez for us out-of-towners.

We are planning on driving across country and make some stops along the way. Grand Canyon, Wrigley field, some other stops. We wanted to catch a Michigan football and a Detroit Tiger game but they both are playing away :(

We are going to check into the Best Western on Kit road around  October 1st.  We stayed there last year and the newly renovated rooms were a deal at $99.00... They have a very nice indoor pool and Jacuzz with an area off the back that we can BBq and they have have offered a hospitality room if we book enough rooms so please let me know directly and we might even get a better deal that the $99.00 rate quoted on the reunion web page. The freeway is right there by the holel & it was a breeze to get to any where in town that you may need to go. Also there is a grocery store and several decent restaurants with in a block of the hotel... And the class golf outing, Hosted by Marc Hall, planned for Friday morning is right down the road!

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018

The First periphery event is set SYLVANIA COUNTRY CLUB! mark your calendars for October 3rd, 2018 @10:30am... I heve two foursomes booked! $84.00 per person, Includes your cart. We can get more times if there is enough interest.

 Early that evening, We will meet at Rudy's Hot Dog on Sylvania and Lewis at 6 pm for some great memories of Hot Dogs past.

Later that evening we are going to meet at Barbies Place at 8 pm for a night of Kareoke! Roger Worley assures me that he will be there to serve as Master of Kareoke Ceremonies. Barbies is located on the corner of Laskey and Bennet. Barbies don't serve food so Rudys@ 6 pm is a good option.


Thursday, October 4th, 2018

Linda Gray Huddleston has graciously offered to take us sailing on out on Lake Erie (weather permitting). Their boat is located at North Cape Yact Club and she has enlisted some friends to volunteer their boats if the interest is there. There is a snack shop at the club for lunch or we could do a pot luck thing. Still in the planning stage...(Details to follow!)


Saturday October 6th, 2018

Saturday October 6th. I have arranged for a tour of the Art Museum at 10 am. Admission is free but it costs $7. for parking. (Details to follow)


Monday, October 8th, 2018

I have arranged an informal Golf outting at Ottawa Park Golf course for 10 am Monday October 8th. Many of us learned to play there and it should be fun to see how the old gal has fared over the years. I know it has been there for many, many years as my Father caddied there as a kid!

Later that evening, Joe Goodell has arranged a Pizza and Beer night at the old JoJo's Pizza on Monroe Street for Monday October 8th @ 6pm.


Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

The Toledo Zoo has Senior rates at $16. Lucas County residents get a discount with local ID and is Free to all Vetrans with ID or proof of service. Parking is $8. I have inquired about group rates and they will be getting back to me in the near future.  So mark your calendar for 10 am for some fun at the Monkey house! (Motorized scooters available for $25.)

It's Senior Night at the HOLLYWOOD CASINO, Buffett is only $9.99 and it's all you can eat. You will need a players card to get this rate and can obtain one at the Rewards Center in the casino. The buffett is open from 11 am to 9 pm. There may be a concert but nothing is slated as yet... details to follow. Lets meet there at 7 pm for all you can eat!


I am trying to arrange some other outings and will post them as they come to fruition.

If any of our country club member classmates would be so kind as to sponsor a couple of foursomes at thier club...that would be super! please email me and let me know @

 An informal night at the Elbo Room on Alexis. Different location from the old place on Sylvania but the same owners and greasey pizza.(Kent says they are looking for new management will keep you posted)

Maybe a bowling night @Twin Oaks on Sylvania if it s still there. (I called and they only have afternoon times available.)

The only thing that I may have missed that was on the survey is a Soc Hop at the West Toledo YMCA and a Mud Hen Ball game but alas...(the Hens season will be over by then and they tell me the is no more)

And what trip to Toledo would be complete without a meal at Mancys down in the hood...

I know a former Spartan history professor that has promised a trip to some of the Native American historical sites in the area and to the Wolcot Museum on River Road. I'm hoping that I can talk him into a day trip to Fort Wayne to see Miami Indian artifacts in the Museum of Natural History there.

Topping everything all off with an OSU Football game on the Saturday following the big Reunion weekend October 13th as the Bucks host Minnesota. 

 I will let everyone know of these field trips and dates as I get them planned an hope that many of you will join those of us that are gong to be in town for more than the weekend... Also if there is anything that I missed that you would want to do please let me know and I will try and set something up.

I'm hoping that the Start High football game is on for that weekend and look forward to learning the date and time that the Spartans play so we can tailgate and root, root, root for the Spar-Tans!

Then we are off to see the leaves changing colors in the east, NYC for a play and Boston & Virginia Beach to see relatives. Then down to Florida so.. Manuel and Dunmeade Heads up! We be a comin your way for a little golf and fun in the Florida sun..

This may very well be our last trip to Toledo and I want to make sure to revisit those places that were so important in our youth. Come join in on the fun!

Stay well Spartans Hoping to see you all In October!

05/11/18 07:25 AM #2571    


Janis Fought (Brown)

05/11/18 03:44 PM #2572    


Janis Fought (Brown)

Unfortunately learned of the passing of another classmate, Robert Kreft. I don’t have a year.

05/12/18 06:50 AM #2573    


Gary Johnson

Thanks Jan, great news. Now, if only tHe Browns could field a team. Go Colts!

05/13/18 06:42 PM #2574    

Pat Martin (Lipps)

Is the golf outing on Friday for all levels of play?  I am so impressed with all the activities that have been planned.  Sounds like I may have to stay in Toledo for the whole week.

05/14/18 10:32 AM #2575    


Patrick Gilbert

 from the Desk of MARC HALL :

Golf at Stone Oak Country Club in Holland, OH is et for Oct 4th at 10 AM. All interested golfers of are welcome. Clubs are available to those coming from out of town.

05/14/18 02:44 PM #2576    


Jeff Willets

Pat, trust me, all levels of play will be welcome, we all are not Arnold Palmer, more like John Daly on one of his worse days!

05/16/18 04:15 PM #2577    


Nancy Wolff (Szymanski)

Dear Classmates - we just lost another member of the Class of '68.  I was just notifed via email by Debbie Jo that Toni Cotterman passed away at 2:30 today.  What a struggle!  Thoughts & prayers to the members of the family.

05/16/18 05:01 PM #2578    


Patrick Gilbert

RIP Toni...I will post to the in memory page :(

05/18/18 07:20 AM #2579    

Marcia Kelso (Wilkinson)

It sounds like Toni went through quite an ordeal, for quite a while.  I remember her as being a pretty quiet classmate, but a really nice girl.  My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.  Thanks for the school picture, Gary.  

05/18/18 03:56 PM #2580    


Nancy Wolff (Szymanski)

Debbie Jo Cotterman sent me the website for the funeral home handling Toni's arrangements - - I don't believe there's any service but you can leave a condolence message.


05/19/18 11:15 AM #2581    


Frank Fischer

Wanted to say a big thanks to all the reunion committee members !  What a tremendous schedule !Looking forward to seeing folks. Also it is fun seeing the Fandango’s get togethers.





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