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10/22/18 11:14 AM #2905    

Joanne Lewandowski (Roudebush)

Good Luck Pat on Hawaii 5-O, there is no room on the cutting room floor for you.  Hope things go well for you on the show.  I'll be watching really like the show.

10/23/18 01:01 PM #2906    


Patrick Gilbert

Thank You Marge & Joanne! So it's

"A'ohe Meia' imi a Ka Maka". HAWAII 5-0. This Friday Night 10/26 on CBS...TYG!

Wish me luck classmates! I sure hope that you are correct Joanne... I'm nervous as all get out! ALOHA & MAHALO!!

10/23/18 06:29 PM #2907    

Janet Kazmierski (Fiedler)

As someone who came to the reunion from out of town, I just want to say how I appreciated all the efforts of the committee in making the reunion events special and accessible to everyone.  It was great seeing old friends again as well as getting to know other classmates whose path's I never seemed to cross.  When I tell friends in California about the event, they are all impressed with the number and quality of the activites that were planned.  I know this type of event does not come together overnight, so "Thank You" for your creative ideas and for all the long hours you put in to make this Reunion special for all us.  

10/25/18 10:41 AM #2908    

Walter "Chip" Carstensen

Hi gang. All is progressing well on my rotator and biceps surgery. I haven’t been able to sleep for the first  2 weeks much, but am feeling a little better each day. PT twice a week at Mercy and 3 times a day by myself. It’s painful but necessary.  Hopefully the next 2 weeks will continue to improve.  I have been in touch with Dale and Ed and commiserate about our common issues. It does help.  Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. They also have helped keep spirits up on long boring days. Hope to be at the next Fundango and see everyone. Best...

10/26/18 07:11 AM #2909    


Janis Fought (Brown)

Woo Hoo!!! Start High City Football Champs again!

10/26/18 10:45 AM #2910    


Karen Narewski (Warlick)

Good to hear you're doing as well as can be expected, Chip ! I've heard it's not a pleasant recovery, but wishing you the best!

10/26/18 01:55 PM #2911    


Patrick Gilbert

Yea Spartan Football!!!  .. And it's because .....


10/26/18 09:59 PM #2912    


Cheryl Miller (Johnson)

Pat Gilbert - Excellent job on Hawaii Five-0!!!

10/26/18 11:33 PM #2913    


Jeff Willets

Thank God for Tivo, I could copy that horrible show, and speed thru to see my classmate.  Great job on the role, of course it really didn't take too much acting ability, you were just playing yourself, right?


Didn't you say you were on Magnum years ago, I've got the complete set, which ones were you in?

10/27/18 12:10 AM #2914    


Patrick Gilbert

Thanks a lot Jeff! Sheesh... Magnum P I " The Treasure of Kalaniopuu" & "Unfinished Business" which won an Emmy!

10/27/18 11:00 AM #2915    

Marge Updegraff (Mendeljian)


Way to go Pat!!



10/27/18 12:48 PM #2916    

Joanne Lewandowski (Roudebush)

Great job on Hawaii Five-O!  Pay no attention to any negative comments for the show was good and you did great in your part.   

10/27/18 07:12 PM #2917    

Joe Hajduk

I see a Emmy nomination. Good job Pat.When you shot the guy it was so realistic.

11/10/18 10:44 PM #2918    

Roger Worley

For some reason I haven't received any updates on this site since the reunion I hope someone gets me back on the list ,what a reunion great job to everyone who set up the events ,my wife Elaine thought it would be boring since she didn't know anyone , but she was treated like a classmate so she had a great time. Who knew Pat was a such a crack shot ,and I think Jerry should have asked for Pat's autograph since he saved his life.hope we will have some new faces on the 15th see you there , glad all surgeries went well praying for speedy recovery"s

11/11/18 10:26 AM #2919    

Pam Galbraith (Hudson)

To all our classmate veterans:  THANK YOU for your service!!!!!

11/11/18 03:11 PM #2920    


Janis Fought (Brown)

I’m with you Pam. Thank you,  veterans and families for your service and sacrifice.

11/11/18 04:05 PM #2921    


Diane Paren (Marchand)

Pat Gilbert - my husband and I watched Hawaii Five-0 and thought you were great!  I don't remember hearing that accent when I met you, though!  I'm sure that was a fun cast to work with. 

Has anyone heard anything from the reunion photographer?  I have not received my flash drive with the pictures and wondered if anyone else has.

11/11/18 05:52 PM #2922    


Patrick Gilbert

Thank you Roger... Ya know they do teach you how to use a rifle in the Marine Corps... Lol.. Diane I'm glad you enjoyed my accent that's what they call it acting ; ) Happy Veterans day to all my Brothers & Sisters in Arms...

11/11/18 06:31 PM #2923    


Kim Frisk (Jensen)

I too worship Pat Gilbert and his Emmy-level acting skills! And I would share this at the next Fundango location,if I knew where the hell it was!

11/11/18 09:14 PM #2924    

Marge Updegraff (Mendeljian)

Hi Diane.  I spoke to Sue (our photographer) this past week.  She is finishing up pictures to put on flashdrive. Sue is quite the perfectionist.  She already has envelopes addressed. I'm sure you will be receiving soon. I am also looking forward to seeing the  pictures.  Great memories for a wonderful week at our 50th Class Reunion. Happy Thanksgiving! 

11/11/18 09:21 PM #2925    

Deborah Pfann

Hey all.. Yes to all our vets. Thanks for keeping us all proud to be Americans, then and now. And Diane, Sue (the photographer), is getting close to sendig them out. Marge just heard from her recently. Soon. Take care all Miss everyone.

11/11/18 09:22 PM #2926    

Marge Updegraff (Mendeljian)

Thank you to all our Veterans for your service!

11/11/18 09:32 PM #2927    


Dale Benington

Kim, I just read you post, and I am thinking to myself that my original posting regarding the November “Fundango” was so long ago, that you must have either missed it or forgotten all about it. Because way back, many reunion postings ago, I posted on October 9th, at 10:43 A.M., that our November “Fundango” would be on Thursday, November 15th, at the Carlos' Poco Loco, which is located at 1809 Adams Street, right next door to the relocated, Ottawa Tavern.

So be there, or be square.
And I too, with much appreciation, thank the many veterans from the Start HS Class of 68, for their years of service to our country and community.

11/11/18 10:04 PM #2928    


Kim Frisk (Jensen)

Thank you Dale although I forget what my question was, and I must apologize for my crude usage of the "h" word.

11/14/18 04:15 PM #2929    


Dale Benington

Just a quick reminder that our November “Fundango” will be on Thursday, November 15th (that’s tomorrow), at the Carlos' Poco Loco, which is located at 1809 Adams Street. And it is my understanding that, weather permitting, Chip and Ed will be there. So get ready to hear lots of our (that includes me) exaggerated stories about the rigors of “physical therapy.”  

Oh, and I wanted to mention, that because of my knee still being swollen and a bit tender, I have decided not to travel to next week’s (11/24) Ohio State vs. Michigan game, and will instead host a Buckeye / Wolverine gameday party (noon kickoff) at the Perrysburg Ralphies that you are all welcome to come and participate in (themed sports wear attire encouraged, but not required).

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