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07/30/20 07:15 PM #3511    


Patrick Gilbert


From The Weather Channel Android App:

07/31/20 06:28 AM #3512    

Manuel Chambers

Can't go back Pat, it would be like leaving heaven. I'm going to get a round of golf in Friday before it gets here and the rain comes.

07/31/20 07:30 AM #3513    


Gary Johnson (Johnson)

CAUTION: Florida is on the list of quarantine states bt the Ohio governor. You have to go into quarantine if you come in from there for 14 days. 

07/31/20 03:01 PM #3514    

Manuel Chambers

I might as well stay here and keep quarantined. 

07/31/20 03:05 PM #3515    

Francis Bialecki

Hey Kent, I had to have both my eyes done back in 1988. I damaged them welding. I didn't get my shield down in time and looked right at the point of spark, Dr said it was like looking directly into the sun . I wasn't able to see well at night Dr said I had cataracs right in the center of eye and needed implants. Had them done was like night and day after both surgeries colors were brighter could see at night again. I just think they are permanant contacts...don'r have to ever have take them out or ever have to clean them. I wish they would have had the newer type that lets you read without glasses but hey technology over the years makes it better today for those who have the surgery.

So hang in there your vision will get better I know mine did after about 5-7 days.




08/05/20 04:55 PM #3516    


Janis Fought (Brown)

Becuse the weather didn't cooperate last Saturday, our estate sale will be held again this Saturday, August 8, starting at 8 AM. Most prices will be even lower. The sale is a combination of family and the estate of a 97 year old grandmother. Lots of vintage linens, baskets, kitchen ware, queen and king size bed conforters, decorative pillows, miscellaneous furniture. Take King Rd,  two blocks north of Central, turn left at Covert (second street). Go all the way to the end.

08/06/20 06:35 PM #3517    

Nancy Lallky (Wendel)

Thanks to all the Spartans who sent me birthday wishes!  I can't believe we are all 70!  
Stay healthy during these crazy times...😷

08/07/20 07:43 AM #3518    


Patrick Gilbert

Honoring our classmates Ken Johnson, Dave Hill, Al Evner & anyone I may have missed and their brothers and sisters who were awarded the Purple Heart.

Purple Heart Day is observed on August 7 each year and is a time for Americans to pause to remember and honor the brave men and women who were either wounded on the battlefield or paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives. Thankfully the class of 68 lost no one in the Viet Nam war. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!

Remember - Honor - Teach

08/08/20 12:24 PM #3519    


Mark Cramer



Thanks for listing our SHS '68 Purple Heart recipients. I thought that Bill Ginsler was also in that group of recipients, and I didn't know there was a Purple Heart Day. 

08/08/20 09:53 PM #3520    


Patrick Gilbert

Thanks Mark 

I sent an email to Bill and his reply was "nope I was one of the lucky ones" he also thanked you for thinking if him...

08/09/20 11:27 AM #3521    


Mark Cramer


Thanks for looking into that. Good for Bill; not everyone was so lucky.

A good friend of mine recently passed away. He was in the 101 Airborne and suffered combat injuries in Vietnam. In the attack on the vehicle they were in, at least one paratrooper was killed and another lost both of his legs. My friend was blown out of the truck, and suffered a head injury.

No one received a Purple Heart. For some unknown reason, the Army had no record of them being in combat on that day. They had records of the death and some of the injuries, but not combat. He suffered from PTSD his entire adult life.

08/21/20 03:11 PM #3522    


Patrick Gilbert


A big thank you for all the kind birthday wishes. I guess I'm now in the 70's club.
Blessings to you all
Sally Reed


08/24/20 01:46 PM #3523    


Patrick Gilbert

Hello fellow Spartans!

I have been in contact with Dale and he is willing to host another Zoom Fundango if any of you are interested. During the past we showed our homes, gardens, played 60's trivia and had a great visit with old friends.

He suggested one evening the first week of September.. Usually we start at 7pm Toledo time. This allows our classmates out west to be able to participate as well. So what do ya say Spartans? I know it's not the same as a face to face Fundango but it's better than no Fundango at all. Please respond here if you are interested in attending and we will pick a night to procede. Stay safe and stay well!


08/24/20 03:16 PM #3524    

Manuel Chambers

I'm in if I can figure it out, and remember the day. 

08/24/20 09:49 PM #3525    


Susan Clinton (Cherry)

Sounds like fun!

08/25/20 01:57 PM #3526    


Karen Narewski (Warlick)

I'm in 😊

08/26/20 11:14 AM #3527    

Roger Worley

Say when

08/29/20 04:14 PM #3528    

Danny Thomas

70 Who would have thought! I think maybe we are finally getting old. Having old friends and acquaintances connect on my birthday is a real boost to the old morale.

08/29/20 06:03 PM #3529    

Manuel Chambers

Happy Birthday Danny. I'm still in my 60's πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

09/18/20 04:40 PM #3530    


Nancy Wolff (Szymanski)

COVID 19 FUNDANGO - a mini reunion is scheduled for Wednesday, October 7th, 2020 at 2:30 at Wildwood Metro Park.  Come in the main entrance at the traffic light on Central Avenue.  Park in the first parking lot on the left.  There's an open field area.  This event is BYOE - Bring Your Own Everything.  Bring your own CHAIR.  Bring your own snacks, food & drink (alcohol not permitted)Wear a mask.  We will be maintaining 6 ft. social distancing - there will be social distance police.  This is an opportunity to just get together & visit.   It's been way too long!  Rain date/ugly weather date is Friday, October 9th.  Let's get together before we're locked in for the winter.  If you have any questions, contact Deb Pfann, Marge Mendeljian or Nancy Szymanski.

09/18/20 05:53 PM #3531    


Patrick Gilbert

Wonderful news! Thank you Deb, Margie and Nan for arranging this outdoor funfango. Is there any chance of having a zoom set up so that our out of town Spartans can participate. All that is needed is a laptop or Cell phone and an internet connection compatible with zoom. Please consider looking into this. Dale might be able to help I'll bet he has WI Fi in his camper......

09/20/20 10:44 AM #3532    


Kathy Storm (Wenniger)

Hope you guys get a better turn out for a socially distant fundango than we did. No one came. Eddie and Bonnie work. I'm picking up my grandsons from "actual" school. I'll try to stop by after I drop them off. Hope it's a beautiful day like today. Missing some "old" familiar faces😍

09/21/20 11:20 AM #3533    


Mark Cramer

I'm not certain if you were aware that at the Ward Pavilion section of Wildwood (the entrance closest to Corey Rd,) there is a shelter house with tables and grills. 

09/21/20 03:57 PM #3534    


Nancy Wolff (Szymanski)

Thanks, Mark.  We are aware but with this COVID stuff we prefer to be outside.  This is just a get-together to chat & catch up.  Hopefully we'll be able to do our regular Fundango at some point in the future.  Just come & shoot the breeze & catch some fresh air.  Bring your own food, drink & CHAIR.

09/22/20 11:40 AM #3535    


Dale Benington

Greetings, I just got off the phone from talking with Ed, and we have decided to try and build off of the hopeful success of the ladies out-door "Fundango" on October 7th, by trying our luck with an indoor October “Fundango” shortly thereafter. We realize that things are a bit tenuous these days, but we also realize the importance of being able to have and maintain our social contacts. So here is what we are proposing.

There is a relatively new restaurant in Toledo, and it is sitting on the site of the former Sports Arena, over in East Toledo, just beyond the old Cherry Street Bridge. The name of this fine establishment is “The Old Bag of Nails Pub,” and it is located at 615 Riverside Dr. 
Now for this particular “Fundango,” we are up against two logistical issues. The first involves making a group reservation, which is difficult to do during pandemic because of protocol restrictions, and because we can’t really guess very accurately how many of you will be willing to show up. Second, because this particular restaurant is doing such a good business, even during the pandemic, they aren’t interested or willing in taking reservations. 
So the plan is this, after talking with the restaurant staff, we determined that there is a brief lag in their business, after the lunch crowd and before the dinner crowd, at around 4:00 pm. So that is when we are asking you to arrive for our resumption of Start HS “Fundangoes. There is no guarantee that we can get tables together, but that will be our best opportunity to do so.
Once again, we are talking, “Fundango," on Tuesday, October 13th, starting at 4:00 pm, at “The Old Bag of Nails Pub,” which is located in East Toledo, at the site of the old Sports Arena. Hope that you can make it. 

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