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04/12/19 07:16 AM #3098    

Walter "Chip" Carstensen

Thanks for the Birthday wishes (yesterday) for Bill and I. Much appreciated. We raised a Magie to celebrate at Venturas. A good place for afuture Fandango!  Next year’s 70th Birthday is going to be a tough one to handle.   That’s getting old in my mind, but thankfully don’t feel it. We all look forward to many more together! 

04/15/19 03:29 PM #3099    


Dale Benington

Because I just got back from an overseas trip, Ed and I are a bit behind in making our arrangements for this month’s "Fundango.” However, today we made some progress, but it's a bit tricky so best to pay attention and take good notes.

Since we got off to a late start, we decided to go with Tuesday, April 30th, so mark it down on your social calendar.
Then, after looking over the list of preferred choices, that several of you shared with us, we decided to try out Ventura's Toledo Mexican Restaurant over on 7742 W. Bancroft St. So Ed and I had lunch there today and got both some good news, and some bad news.
The good news is that Tuesday night is their margarita special night, but the bad news is that they don’t accept reservations. So here is the tricky part. If we can get some people over there by 5:00, and then they will set up tables for 25, for the rest of us. Now Ed plans on getting there early, but I am sure that we would appreciate some help.
So there it is, this month’s “Fundango,” at Ventura’s Mexican Restaurant, Tuesday, April 30th, the earlier the better. I will be having my other knee operated on the week before, so I am not sure if I will be able to make it, so please be there to help Eddie out. 


04/16/19 05:19 AM #3100    

Deborah Pfann

I will be there early . No problem. See whoever.

04/26/19 02:57 PM #3101    


Patrick Gilbert

Fellow Spartans! We have a classmate who is disabled, in a wheelchair and has been denied financial help to build a wheelchair ramp at his home in West Toledo. Is there anyone out there that can help Roger Worley get this accomplished? Please look at your friends and colleagues and see if there is someone with a construction company or a handy man that can help. Go Spartans... We take care of our own!

04/27/19 08:35 AM #3102    


Gary Johnson (Johnson)

Contact the Abilities Center in  Sylvania. Thats exactly what they do. 

The Ability Center

  • 5605 Monroe Street
    SylvaniaOH 43560
  • Phone: 419-885-5733

04/28/19 06:44 PM #3103    

Roger Worley

That's who I went through I filled out a big questionnaire and they turned me down

04/28/19 08:24 PM #3104    


Patrick Gilbert

Oh that's to bad Roger.. Maybe someone that has a construction comoany can help out.. How much does something like that cost?

04/29/19 06:08 AM #3105    

Manuel Chambers

Roger have you contacted the Carpenters Union in Toledo. They used to have a program, where apprentices and journeymen, would come out and build them. You could also call the Northwest Ohio Building Trades Office. Hope this helps. 

04/29/19 06:51 AM #3106    

Manuel Chambers

Roger I would start with the Northwest Ohio Building Trades first, their phone number is 419-693-7717. Hopefully they will direct you to the Carpenters Union. Please,let us know if that helps. If I have to call up there and talk to someone I will, but I've been retired almost 11 years, and I was a Boilermaker, not a carpenter. I know we had a few carpenters in our class who have retired, Larry McIntire (sp ) Larry Bruin, they used to meet at Pat and Dandys once a month. Maybe one of our other classmates know how to contact them.

04/29/19 10:22 AM #3107    


Janis Fought (Brown)

The Area Office on Aging has a home modification program that also may help.

04/29/19 10:19 PM #3108    

Gary Kupper


My daughter and son-in-law hae tried all of those options to get a ramp built for my granddaughter who will be 12 in May as she was born with Spina Bifida with no success and my son in law was in te carpenter's union. They live in the Luckey Ohio area. If you find someplace I would love to know. Northern Ohio seems very unsupportive for this type of help. I am fortunate to live in the Reno NV area where many groups offer that kind of helpor financial reimbursement. 

04/30/19 10:44 AM #3109    


Gary Johnson (Johnson)

Not to belittle anyone elses experiences, but welcome to my world. I have been dealing with these issues for over 50 years. even 27 years after the ADA was passed, thw world is still not accessible as it should be. My heart goes out to you and I hope you find a solution that works for you. 

04/30/19 11:47 AM #3110    


Janis Fought (Brown)

Habitat for Humanity will do home repairs including accessibility. There is a form and some basic qualifications. It isn't free but cost is materials plus 10% and can be paid over two years with no interest.

05/08/19 10:11 AM #3111    


Patrick Gilbert

Thank you to all who have donated to the Augsburg food pantry "Feed your Neighbor" program listed on the Roy C Start-sixeight Facebook page. Your generosity toward the old Neighborhood is greatly appreciated.

05/17/19 10:51 PM #3112    


Dale Benington

Greetings, I bet that you thought that Ed and I forgot all about this month’s “Fundango.” Well we didn’t, but my recent knee operation was slowing things down a bit, however, for the first time since my operation on April 23rd, I ventured out, driving my car, over to our next proposed “Fundango” venue.

It was one of the longer “Fundango” drives, but it was worth it, because this place is famous for its prime rib, and Ed and I both had some (and it was tasty). I guess that this place is noted for its Lake Erie Perch as well, but I don’t eat much fish so I am not the person to ask about that.
So what place am I talking about? Well, our May Fundango is going to be on Thursday (holiday weekend adjustment), May 30th, from 5:30 until 8:30, at the Oregon Inn on 6067 Bay Shore Road (that’s in Oregon, Ohio, almost right on Maumee Bay). So plan on needing a few extra minutes to drive out there, but the food (The Menu) will be more than worth it.


05/18/19 08:43 AM #3113    


Cheryl Miller (Johnson)

Oregon Inn has wonderful food! Great choice!!! Sorry Jack & I can't join you. Mudhens' game that evening.

05/18/19 02:51 PM #3114    

Kim Wening (Maros)

Joe and I love the Oregon Inn. The perch are great.  They are known for the prime rib.

05/18/19 04:01 PM #3115    

Deborah Pfann

Y'all have fun.. great place. Hope to c ya @ the next one.

05/20/19 09:49 AM #3116    

Marge Updegraff (Mendeljian)

Wish we could be at the Fundango, but I am having knee replacement surgery that day. 

05/20/19 01:46 PM #3117    


Patrick Gilbert

Good luck Marge!

05/20/19 05:00 PM #3118    

Manuel Chambers

Good luck Marge listen to your Doctor and don’t over do it.

05/20/19 06:19 PM #3119    


Kim Frisk (Jensen)

Marge, I got my knee replacement 6 years ago. And the results are amazing! Well worth the recovery discomfort. But please don't post any photographs, I think Dale has covered that ad-nauseum!

05/21/19 10:49 AM #3120    

Pam Galbraith (Hudson)

Won't be able to make the FanFundango as we are headed up north.Have a great prime rib so somebody have some for me!!!laugh

05/21/19 02:12 PM #3121    

Dave Dunmead

Marge: wish you the best on your upcoming surgery. May you have a speedy recovery!

05/21/19 03:12 PM #3122    

Kim Wening (Maros)

Pam, We hope to see you sometime soon.  Joe misses Ron.

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