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07/27/23 01:06 PM #4382    

Marge Updegraff (Mendeljian)

Hi everyone!
Was hoping to get to the Fundango this time. Already made plans to help our granddaughter move. Miss you guys. Always something going on. Have fun and hope to see you in August! - Marge

08/11/23 08:56 AM #4383    

Harriet Brown (Cooper)

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes.

08/23/23 04:50 PM #4384    


Kathy Storm (Wenniger)

Hello Spartans, I'm posting for Dale and Eddie. The next fundango is next Tuesday, 8/29 @ 3:30. Backstage Eats and Drinks, 5680 Mayberry Square N, Sylvania, OH. Almost across from Centennial Quarry complex. I'm not tech savvy enough to attach the link. Sorry. Hope to see many of you there.🤩

08/30/23 04:14 PM #4385    

Marge Updegraff (Mendeljian)

AUGUST, 2023








Lots of laughs & fun with this group!

Joan Radebaugh, Gary & Dee Krieger, Randy Schoonmaker, Bob Jordan, Lynn Kamper, Jerry Johnson

Kim Wening, Paul ( Jackie Hanna's husband) , Cathy Burcewicz

Chip Carstensen, Darlene Allen & Jim Grimley

Nancy Wolff and Marcia Kelso

Harriet Brown and Arnie Fretz

Chip Carstensen and Cathy Burcewicz

Lynn Kamper and Jerry Johnson

Darlene Allen & Jim Grimley

Ron (Epic husband of Pam Galbraith), Pam Galbraith, Ed Kanarowski, Kim Wening

Gary Krieger, Ed Kanarowski, Joe (Kim Wening's husband), Pam Galbraith


Additional pictures to follow.

08/30/23 05:59 PM #4386    

Deborah Pfann

Thanks Marge. The pics are awesome. We had such a great time, and wasn't it nice to see some new faces! Marcia, Jim and Darlene.. Fundangos are the best.

08/30/23 06:17 PM #4387    

Marge Updegraff (Mendeljian)


AUGUST, 2023



Mike (Joan Radebaugh's husband), Kathy Storm, Joan Radebaugh


Ron (Pam's husband) & Pam Galbraith

Randy Schoonmaker

Jackie Hanna & husband Paul


08/30/23 06:32 PM #4388    

Marge Updegraff (Mendeljian)



AUGUST, 2023



08/31/23 08:27 AM #4389    

Marcia Kelso (Wilkinson)

Thanks Marge and Deb for the wonderful photos.  It was good to see everyone again, since the reunion five years ago, since I had seen anyone.  I'm so glad that I called Darlene and Jim to try and make it - and they did!!  As I sat at Nancy Wolff's house Monday night and went through the senior yearbook, that brought back a lot of memories too (and we were so young).  Gosh, what a great class we had and it's so nice that you get together every month.  I anxiously wait for Marge's pictures to see who shows up.  Thanks for making me feel welcome.  And I hope to come to more in the future.

08/31/23 12:43 PM #4390    

Pam Galbraith (Hudson)


So happy you were able to make the Fandango!!!!!!!  We have a GREAT class and many happy memories!! I hope you will be able to come to another Fandango before winter sets in. Take care kiddo and safe travels!!!!

08/31/23 07:18 PM #4391    


Nancy Wolff (Szymanski)

What a great time at the Fundango!  I hope that those of you who read this forum make plans to attend the next Fundango.  Ed promised to have more than a week's notice.  Yes Marcia, you do need to come back a bit more to get to know this rowdy bunch better!

09/02/23 09:41 AM #4392    


Diane Paren (Marchand)

Greetings from Tucson. What great photos of you all! It does my heart good to see all the smiles. I'll be back in November and will come to the Fandango then if it works out. In the meantime, stay healthy!

09/03/23 10:13 AM #4393    


Janis Fought (Brown)

So great to see new faces at the Fundango, even though I am 1000 miles away. Miss my SHS friends and monthly Fundangos. Tallahassee lucked out by 40 miles and was relatively unscathed by the hurricane. Our friends to the south and east did not fair so well.

09/03/23 11:56 AM #4394    

Francis Bialecki

Hey everyone,I  really enjoyed the pics from the Fandango. I was planning on going but as fate would have it I had another medical problem. I had to have an arterial bypass in my right leg. What was supposed to be a 3 hr surgery turned into 6 hrs. When I was coming out of the anesthetic I had a heart attack and the next day they found a 95% blockage and had to put another stent in my heart(that makes 3). I came home this past Weds and will get all the staples and stitches out of my leg on Tues. I am doing okay as of now, still have some pain and weakness in my right leg. Hopefully I will try to be at the next Fandango or the one after. I hope everyone else is doing okay!!!!!

09/03/23 01:04 PM #4395    


Richard Burr

So sorry to hear about your medical adventures as if late. Get well and speedy recovery. 

09/03/23 05:27 PM #4396    

Jackie Hanna (Link)

Wishing you the best Frank! Hope to see you soon.

09/03/23 08:34 PM #4397    


Nancy Wolff (Szymanski)

To Frank B & to all of our classmates dealing with health issues - I pray daily for all.  We are all of the age where we are experiencing issues - some minor & some major.  Keep in touch & keep us updated.

09/04/23 07:49 AM #4398    

Marcia Kelso (Wilkinson)

Best wishes and blessings for a speedy recovery, Frank.  It sounds like you are doing well and your spirits are good.  Take care of yourself.

09/04/23 08:49 AM #4399    

Pam Galbraith (Hudson)

Frank,sounds like you have been put through the knotholes and back. Keeping you in my prayers that as each day goes by you feel better and stronger. Take care and hope to see you at a Fandango soon!!!!

09/05/23 06:57 AM #4400    


John Lipski

It's great to see so many classmates happy and healthy; wish I lived closer. And for those with health issues, all my best wishes for speedy and complete recovery and continued happiness.


And thanks for all the kind wishes for my retirement. I'm enjoying it immensely, playing music all day long.

09/05/23 05:45 PM #4401    

Francis Bialecki

Just a quick message to say "Thank You" to everyone who has posted or sent me a message about my health issues. So much appreciated!!!! Hope to see everyone when I get healthy enough to get to a Fandango. 

Take care all !!!!!!!

09/05/23 09:11 PM #4402    

Marge Updegraff (Mendeljian)

Frank, you have gone through so many health issues. Hope and pray that you continue to get stronger.

09/06/23 09:20 AM #4403    

Harriet Brown (Cooper)

Our prays and thoughts are with you Frank, for a speedy recovery.

09/10/23 12:10 AM #4404    


Sharon Eick

Thanks for all the birthday messages! Starting another trip around the sun. Thankful,grateful and very blessed!

09/10/23 08:08 PM #4405    


Gary Kupper

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Now that I am in southwest Michigan I hope to make it to an event

09/10/23 10:16 PM #4406    


Dale Benington


At last, college football season has returned, and already things are getting interesting. In fact, it has provided me with the opportunity to share with you, not one, but two social event offerings.
First, on Saturday, Sept 23rd, Ohio State will be playing Notre Dame, with network coverage (provided by NBC) scheduled to begin at 7:30. You are invited to join me at the SpringMeadows Ralphies Sports Eatery (6609 Airport Highway) to watch the game.
Second, on Tuesday, Sept. 26th, at the Fairway Bar & Grill, located at Central & Centennial (8256 Central Avenue), Ed has arranged for us to have our September “Fundango,” starting at 3:30.
Looking forward to seeing everyone.

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