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08/10/21 03:56 PM #3813    

Harriet Brown (Cooper)

So sorry to hear about Karen's passing. Terry and I will praying for Chuck and there family.

08/10/21 05:39 PM #3814    


Karen Narewski (Warlick)

I am so sad to hear of Karen's passing. I remember her fondly from high-school and she always came out when I met some of you out when I was in town. RIH, Karen 💔

08/11/21 04:05 PM #3815    


Scott Nellis

Sorry to hear of her passing.. all too often the subject of late.. RIP Karen

08/14/21 11:11 AM #3816    


Kathy Storm (Wenniger)

Pretend I'm Dale, he's on vacation. August 24, Tuesday, 4pm, the Height's. The next Fundago and Karen's memorial. Get there early, stay late. Looking forward to seeing everyone!!!😍😍😍

08/14/21 01:46 PM #3817    


Dale Benington


Please forgive my belated notification of our August “Fundango,” but it has been an eventful month. That said, get out your social calendars and circle Tuesday, August 24th. Then, scribble in the starting time, of 4 pm, and then jot down the location, “The Heights,” which is situated on the 12th floor, of the Renaissance Hotel (444 N. Summit St., Toledo, OH).
Who knows, maybe we’ll catch a glimpse of what downtown Toledo will be like for 2021 Solheim Cup, which is scheduled for the following week. Then too, we will have the opportunity to honor the memory of our recently passed classmate, Karen Ferris (Kowalski). Hope to see you there.

08/15/21 10:00 AM #3818    


Janis Fought (Brown)

I will miss the August Fundango but will get the raffle items to Kim. Unfortunately we are running low on funds again. I will be in New England eating fresh caught lobster.

09/07/21 11:09 PM #3819    

James Douthett

Had some fun playing on Youtube today.  I thought I would share a link with you thinking you might enjoy it as well.  This is a link to the top songs of each month during the 1960's decade.  Other links for the 70's - current are easily accessible as well.  Enjoy...

While I can see a few deficiencies, it was fun none the less and brings back memories of our youth.


09/08/21 02:16 PM #3820    


Jan Kinsel (Alexander)

THANKS for the 60s playlist, Jim -- that's a good one!!! LOVED it :)

what a metamorphosis we survived!!!

09/09/21 04:59 PM #3821    

Sharon Eick

Thanks for the birthday messages. Hard to believe we are hitting 71 !!!!!

09/09/21 08:43 PM #3822    

Cynthia Williams

I know this is a long shot, but I will be in Toledo briefly on September 21 and 22.  Any chance of a September Fandango on one of those days?

09/09/21 09:54 PM #3823    

Gary Kupper

I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. I hope everyone has a great weekend. I have recently moved back to the area and hope to attend a fandago event I have enjoyed reading about.

09/10/21 03:33 AM #3824    


Patrick Gilbert

I would like to thank Pam, Marcia and Nancy for always remembering every classmate with a birthday greeting on their special day. Please know you are appreciated. And may I personally thank all you Spartans that sent me birthday greetings on Facebook and this forum.. You guys are the best!!!

09/10/21 12:00 PM #3825    

James Douthett


Happy Birthday...

09/11/21 11:24 AM #3826    


Dale Benington

Just a quick reminder. Our next “Fundango” will be held on Tuesday, September 21st, starting at 3:45, at the Village Inn in Sylvania. More details to follow.

09/12/21 11:32 AM #3827    

Rick Boyd

Happy belated birthday Gary

09/12/21 02:19 PM #3828    

Cynthia Williams

Hey Dale Benington, thanks for honoring my request for a September 21 Fundango!  Perfect timing for me.  I will be there!  I hope to see many of you!

09/22/21 10:02 PM #3829    

Marge Updegraff (Mendeljian)







Pam Galbraith & husband Ron

Gary & Dee Krieger

Chris Grevis & Lisa (niece)

Kim Wening & husband Joe

Harriet Brown & husband Terry

Rick Boyd & Dave Dugai

Arnie Fretz

Cindy Williams & Jan Fought

Kim Wening & Danny Thomas

Marge Updegraff & Dee Krieger

Deb Pfann & Danny Thomas

Cindy Williams & Kathy Storm

Rick Boyd, Kim Wening & Dave Dugai

Ed Kanarowski & Gary Krieger

Welcome out of town classmate Cindy Williams. 





09/23/21 12:00 AM #3830    


Patrick Gilbert

Thank you Margie! You always keep us out of towers posted and updated with photos. Glad to see everyone looking so well. ;)

09/23/21 11:14 AM #3831    

Manuel Chambers

Great pictures. No mask. I hope everyone is vaccinated. 

09/23/21 02:53 PM #3832    

Cynthia Williams

Thank you everyone for such a warm welcome! Our gathering was a perfect start to my vacation! (Start..get it? I'm still a notorious punster).

10/03/21 12:06 PM #3833    


Rick Bub (Bennett)

Thought this was a good message for all of us!

Especially after seeing Mick Jaeger Thursday at age 78 performing with the Stones in Charlotte!



10/03/21 04:50 PM #3834    


Susan Clinton (Cherry)

Thanks for sharing thisRick! I love it!

10/03/21 07:01 PM #3835    


Nancy Wolff (Szymanski)

Rick - thanks for sharing!  We can be as old as we choose - it's up to us.  Some days I'm 40 & some days I'm 85 - I prefer 40!!

10/09/21 04:00 PM #3836    

Manuel Chambers

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Greatly appreciated . 71 years young. Acting like 16

10/13/21 05:49 PM #3837    


Dale Benington

In Spartan Fundango news, our next outing will be on Tuesday, October 26, starting at 4 pm, at the Frontera Sabores de Mexico Restaurant, which is located at 5375 Airport Highway. 
Local nearby landmarks, if you do your own home repairs, then its right next to a Lowe’s. If you take the grandkids out to local birthday parties, it shares parking space with the local Chuck E Cheese. 
My wife, Pam, and I enjoy dining at this particular restaurant, but when I saw their giant Margarita, which is so big that it requires a spigot, I knew that this would be a good site selection for one of our “Fundangoes.” Hope to see you there.

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